Bucket Thumbs

Rhino Bucket Thumbs will turn any excavator into a highly versatile and productive machine. It’s the perfect tool for loading brush and logs, picking and sorting debris or to simply aid in handling or loading irregular shaped objects that a bucket alone can’t handle. Reinforced, high tensile side plates and thumb fingers add strength so you can confidently pick up material, no matter how heavy or abrasive. The Rhino Bucket Thumbs retract perfectly back against the dipper, so it can be left on the machine during normal excavation.

  • 780 Grade tines. Bucket Thumb tines are made from 780 grade high tensile steel to vastly increase the strength, and handle heavy weights or dynamic twisting forces. This allows operators pickup large or imbalanced objects.


  • Matches bucket width and tip radius. Rhino Bucket Thumbs are designed to work perfectly with the bucket. Correct width and tine spacing is critical to ensure that the bucket and thumb interlock to close properly. Precise pin to tip radius ensures that the bucket and thumb close in unison no matter the angle.


  • Hydraulic or manual available. Rhino Bucket Thumbs are available in either hydraulic or manual configurations.Manual version comes with a three position adjustable pad mount for maximum versatility and a solid high tensile stiff arm for a strong, sturdy support. Hydraulic versions are faster to deploy and provide increased versatility and gripping force. The hydraulic cylinder is a custom built, double acting ram designed to handle the heaviest possible loads.
  • Custom width & tine spacing. Rhino Bucket Thumbs can be customised to suit most buckets on the market. Whatever your requirement Rhino will design and build to your specifications.


  • 13 – 18T = 250mm Standard width
  • 20 – 25T = 300mm Standard width
  • 27 – 35T = 400mm Standard width
  • 36 – 42T = 500mm Standard width
  • 45 – 55T = 500mm Standard width

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